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Australopithecus afarensis: LH 4

  • Geologic Age:

    3.6 Ma

  • Discovery Date:


  • Discovered By:

    Maundu Muluila

  • Discovery Location:

    Laetoli, Tanzania

  • Specimen Age:


  • Sex:


  • Original Publication:

    Leakey et al. 1976

    LH 4 is an adult mandible will all molar present. Most anterior teeth are missing as a result of postmortem damage. The rami are completely missing, but the dental arcade appears in good condition with little or no evidence of distortion. Evidence of resorption indicates that the right lateral incisor was lost sometime premortem1.

    1. Leakey MD, Hay RL, Curtis GH, Drake RE, and Jackes MK. 1976. Fossil hominids from the Laetolil Beds. Nature 262:460-466

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