Production Credits

Principal Investigators:
  John Kappelman, PhD, Professor, Department of Anthropology
  DennĂ© Reed, PhD, Asst Professor, Department of Anthropology

Project Manager:
  Adrienne Witzel, eFossils Developer, Department of Anthropology and LAITS

Content Contributors: 
  Taylor Polvadore

Catalog Contributors:
  Programming: Daniel Garcia
  Content Management: Daniel Garcia and Emily Mixon 

eFossils Alumni:
  Project Manager: Lauri Martin, PhD
  Content: Claud Bramblet, Professor Emeritus; W. Andrew Barr, Darya Falamarzi, Ashley Gosselin-Ildari,  
               Nicole M. Hauck, Matthew Kilberger, Summer Klein, Jennifer Lawerence, Rachel Menegaz, 
               Brett A. Nachman, Gabrielle A. Russo, Kathleen Rust, Sophia Salgado, Perla Santillan, Katie Sayre,
               and Christyna Solhan.
  Programming: Chris Lamb


Project Producer:
Joseph C. TenBarge Jr, Director, Liberal Arts ITS/Assistant Dean

Project Programmer:
  Peter Keane, MLS, Sr. Software Developer/Analyst

Programming and CSS Design:
  Ryan Miller, Software Developer

Art Direction & Graphic Design:
Suloni Robertson, Media Production Services and STA Manager

Student Technology Assisstants:
Illustrations: Marissa Kopatic, Julio Garcia, Lindsay Jones, and Ashley Solano
  Branding Design Refresh: David Johannes

Special Thanks:
  Gary Dickerson, STA Manager
  Stuart Ross, Thomas Darr, and Tucker Bickler, Programmers
  Ming Gong, Web Designer 

  Funding provided by the Longhorn Innovation fund for Technology (LIFT) Award from the
  Research and Educational Technology Committee (R&E) of the IT governance structure at
  the University of Texas at Austin.

  Some fossil casts provided by the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Special thanks to Rick Potts
  and Jennifer Clark from the Human Origins Program, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History.