Australopithecus anamensis

Cranial, dental, and post-cranial remains for Australopithecus anamensis have been found near Alia Bay, Kanapoi, Kenya.

Fossilized bones from the upper arm attributed to A. anamensis have similar morphology as those seen in arboreal primates. However, a tibia assigned to A. anamensis strongly suggests this species was bipedal. The A. anamensis dentition is both primitive (e.g, very large canines), and derived (e.g., very thick enamel and large broad molars).

The combination of primitive and derived features has led some anthropologists to suggest A. anamensis may be ancestral to Australopithecus afarensis, while other argue that A. afarensis and A. anamensis are the same species.

The type specimen for A. anamensis is KP 29281, which was found at Kanapoi and dates to 4 million years ago.