Homo erectus

Homo erectus may have been the first hominin to migrate out of Africa. A possibly descendant from Homo ergaster, fossil remains for H. erectus have been discovered at Koobi Fora (Kenya), Dmanisi (Georgia), Zhoukoudian (China), and at Java (Indonesia).  

H. erectus has an increased body and brain size (850-1250 cc), and exhibits sexual dimorphism. The H. erectus cranium has a pronounced brow ridge, a slightly prognathic face, an elongated cranium, and small cheek teeth. H. erectus is associated with manufacturing Acheulian stone tools.  

Recent finds, such as those at Daka in the Middle Awash have continued to spark debate as to the necessity for H. ergaster vs. H. erectus. The type specimen for H. erectus is Trinil 2 which was found at Java and dates from 1 million to 700,000 years old.