12 Aug 2013: Stylish handbags may owe their success to a stone tool known as a lissior, first used by neadnerthals almost 40Ka.

Dmanisi Cranium

17 Oct 2013: A nearly complete cranium from Dmanisi stirs discussion about the distribution and morphological variation of Homo in the Pleistocene.

Native Americans ancestry

20 Nov 2013: Recent genetic analysis suggests that Native Americans are descendants of Upper Paleolithic Asians and Europeans.

Oldest Hominin DNA

03 Dec 2013:  An article in Nature suggests the oldest sequenced hominin DNA may show a surprising link between Homo heidelbergensis and Denisovans.  

First P boisei skeleton

06 Dec 2013: Researchers have discovered that post cranial material for Paranthropus boisei may be equally robust as their dentition.

Dove Hunting

07 Aug 2014: The human diet may have incorported doves as early as 67,000 years ago, according to a new report in Scientific reports.

Oldest Human Genome

22 Oct 2014: A complete human genome has now been sequenced from a 45,000 year old human femur. Read the report in Nature.

Taiwan Mandible

27 Jan 2015: A newly reported 400-200 Ka hominin mandible discovered by a fisherman in Taiwan suggests greater diversity of Homo erecuts in Asia.

Oldest Homo

5 Mar 2015: A 2.8 million year old jaw found in Hadar may represent oldest evidence for the genus Homo.  Read more in Science.

Australopithecus deyiremeda

27 May 2015: Could a new fossil from Ethiopia dating to 3.3 million years ago be another species in the hominin family tree?  


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Homo naledi

10 Sep 2015: A new proposed hominin species from South Africa may expand our understanding of early Homo diversity.

Human and Neanthertal DNA

17 Feb 2016: Check out the latest discussion about Human and Neanderthal DNA in ScienceNews.